Wanland v. Nortel Networks

Welcome to the Wanland v. Nortel Networks Settlement Website

Wanland & Associates, Inc. v.
Nortel Networks Corporation, et al.

United States District Court for the District of New Jersey
Case No. 3:05-cv-01191-MLC-TJB.

This Notice is directed to the “Settlement Class,” who are defined as:

All persons, including businesses, in the United States of America and its territories who, between January 1, 2001, through June 30, 2004, entered into a written agreement with NorVergence, Inc. for the lease of one or more Matrix boxes, Matrix SoHo boxes, or other network equipment provided by NorVergence, Inc.  Excluded from the Settlement Class are the presiding judges in Wanland & Associates, Inc. v. Nortel Networks Corporation, et al., Case No. 3:05-cv-01191-MLC-TJB (D.N.J.), In re NorVergence, Inc., Case No. 04-32079-RG (Bankr. D.N.J.), In re Nortel Networks Inc., Case No. 09-10138 (Bankr. D. Del.), In re Nortel Networks Limited, Case No. 09-10166-KR (Bankr. D. Del.), and In the Matter of a Plan of Compromise or Arrangement of Nortel Networks Corp., Case No. 09-CL-7950 (Ontario Super. Ct. of Justice (Canada)), the staff of each of the presiding judges in the afore-mentioned proceedings, Class Counsel (defined below), the in-house and outside counsel of the Settling Nortel Defendants (defined below) and of Nortel Networks Corporation, and the respective immediate families of all persons listed above.


**The Court granted final approval to the settlement on June 29, 2017. However, please note that settlement checks will not be mailed until all funds have been received from the Settling Nortel Defendants. Because the bankruptcy estate cannot make final payments until all claims are resolved, this process may take a year or more, and SETTLEMENT CHECKS MAY NOT BE MAILED UNTIL DECEMBER 2018 or later.**